Find your Sweet Spot!

Your version of true wealth. A satisfying life that you can manage, without undue stress, that provides you with enough work, enough play, enough sex, enough sleep. 
What's the catch?
There isn't a catch.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are you struggling with the practical aspects of success? 
  • Never really getting enough time to do what you really love?
  • Always playing catch-up with sleep, money, and your relationships?
While living in the moment and carpe-ing the f*ck out of every diem is indeed a powerful way to live, it is not the whole picture. Carpe that diem in service of what, exactly?
You need a good, solid plan from which to gloriously deviate. If you go out willy nilly into the world without a plan, deviating from nothing and just winging it, then you're basically just a deviant. 
The whole picture of your one wild, precious life absolutely NEEDS to include a cogent, lucid vision for the future. Not some pie-in-the-sky unattainable dream, but something that pulls you forward into sustainable success of your own making. Not some grandiose scheme, but something that will be simple to implement and maintain, in service of your own personal Sweet Spot.
There are some awesome tools for that.
Up until now, working with me one-on-one was the only way to get them. It was also the most expensive way to get them. Now there's a far less costly way to get these powerful tools. And I'm fast-tracking this information to you before I head off to New Zealand in March.
In this short and information packed online course, you will:
  • Develop and clarify your Ten Year Vision
  • Take charge of the direction your life is going
  • Move powerfully into your personal Sweet Spot...
I do this work with all my VIP clients, because enables them to stop sh*tting around and get to gettin'.  This powerful work moves them into actually living their personal vision with a kind of juiciness most folks seem to be missing.


All it takes is a little time, a little attention, and a little money. A phone. Your fine brain. My robust information and proven techniques. And the group synergy helps, too.
Four weeks to change your life's trajectory. No kidding.
Get off the Hamster Wheel that is spinning you to your death. It's easier than you think.
Your Sweet Spot in life is yours to claim. Or not. Which will it be?
Four 75-minute classes. Tools and templates. Access to all content recordings. Lasting change.  It's time. 

"I worked with Molly during a period when I was facing a life transition. I found her to be a powerful, intuitive, creative, vivacious, and fierce advocate as I moved forward into my life's unknown. I very much enjoyed working with Molly. She is a powerful and compassionate person." ~ Kevin Filocamo, Coach/Bodyworker 



“Molly’s completely positive 

enthusiasm is unavoidably infectious. Her encouraging voice lifts me up. Molly is an 

extraordinary woman and I feel so fortunate to have 

benefitted from her expertise.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”-Professoressa (and professional opera singer) Alexandra Alise Montani, Rome, Italy

"Molly is wonderful. Great energy. She will light a fire under you. Very inspiring and compassionate. A great role model." ~ Ken Brown, Leader at Some Like it Hot

Molly Burke, CPCC MSU, Queen of Confidence and the Type B Whisperer (64) 021 897 635

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