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Find out what you're meant to do with your one wild, precious life.
Our day together starts at 10:00AM with tea or coffee and a casual chat in a comfortable, private location, to get us connected and centered. We will then delightfully delve into to the Crown Jewel of my well stocked treasure chest and the cornerstone of your rock solid foundation, the Life Purpose Discovery Method™.
The Life Purpose Discovery Method™ requires no prior study or preparation on your part. It has never failed to deliver meaningful, specific results, every single time. This simple interactive process quickly uncovers your unique Life Purpose in one easy session. Cool, yes? Yes indeed cool, but it is also the essential foundation work you absolutely need to find out once and for all who you are and what you’re here to do with your one wild, precious life.
This answer lifts the fog of confusion that has been keeping you stuck in your personal holding pattern. But don't take my word for it, here are the words of someone who has reaped many benefits from her own personal Life Purpose Discovery Method™ session: 
“Life-transforming! Since meeting with Molly and going through what seemed to be a simple process, my entire life path has become so clear. I’ve gone from confusion and stagnation to having true excitement about my next career moves – including graduate school and starting my own business – and the best part is, when I check in with my gut feelings about each step, I get nothing but an enthusiastic 'yes!' Thanks for the guidance and the clarity. Your insight helped set me free to truly be.”  Ria Megnin, educator and artist
The process itself is delightfully straightforward. Through a thoughtfully constructed series of enquiries, lists of answers are spontaneously generated. Those lists inevitably lead to the emergence of patterns within and between them, and those patterns unerringly lead us to your personal Life Purpose statement.
Don’t worry, this will be easy. Since I’m the foremost expert in this process, you can relax knowing you’re getting the very best, most expert guide possible. I’ll be gently leading you through it all, and I promise that it will be fun as well as enlightening. Simple, fast, and immensely informative, this session has the potential to change how you see yourself, forever.
In fact, the Life Purpose Discovery Method™ has proven over the years to be so accurate that it comes with a money back guarantee. And I'm no gambler, so this stuff must really work.
Take it from Mike: “Even though my heart already sensed my life purpose, this process gave me a clear and detailed language for it, and permission to live it.“ Mike Finch, personal trainer and Qi Gong master
After your Life Purpose is clearly defined, we’ll sit down to build on what we’ve just discovered and sketch out your next few steps. When you’re full up and baked to a crispy crackle (it's a lot of big information to take in), I’ll send you home with your now completed “Your Life on Purpose” workbook including your unique Life Purpose statement, some extra goodies, and a *much* clearer vision for moving forward than when you arrived.
A week later I’ll be calling you to follow up on what we’ve discovered and check on your progress. We’ll then map out the next appropriate steps for you.
THE COST: your exclusive, one of a kind VIP session, including your private Life Purpose Discovery Method™ session, the “Your Life on Purpose” workbook pages, and follow up strategic planning session plus exclusive extras (I’m not telling because I love surprises!), comes to a value-packed $595.00. 
Payment plans available.


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PLEASE NOTE: a modified version of the VIP session is available via Skype or Google Hangout. Please enquire for more details if distance/travel is an issue.
"In the last 24 hours I've had more than $4,500 in sales! And I'm on track for a $10K month! And guess what? It's doing what I love... and it's only getting better... Wanna know my secret to having funner money? Wanna know who my ally is? Who I KNOW has my back and best interests at heart? Yeah you do. Ask and ye shall receive. THANK YOU Molly Burke, from the bottom of my heart." - Anne Mary Schaefer, owner and artiste at Pawpawrazzi Pet Photography, "Where your pets are the stars!" (
When you're sick of winging it all alone and are ready to take your life and business to a truly satisfying level of sustainable success, start here.
This fully customised program starts with the strong foundation provided by the Life Purpose Discovery Method™ VIP session, a $595.00 value.
Each month’s teachings, tools and exercises are designed to build on and support each other to clarify your vision, create strategic action plans, implement changes, assess results, and course correct as needed. This mentor/coaching program will be customised to suit your evolving needs and learning/growth styles.
In this six month private mentor/coaching program you will get: 
  • Time and energy to enjoy your life​ on a whole new level
  • Customised service reflecting the reality that every Type B entrepreneur is different
  • Consistent encouragement and support every step of the way
Here are some of the practical pieces:
  • Improve your relationship with money (I know, right?)
  • Identify multiple revenue streams
  • Get into gear around your business ideas in real time--even if you work for somebody else! 
  • Plans, strategies and tools to turn your intentions into reality
  • Use proven metrics to track your progress
Your package will be expertly personalised to suit your unique needs, gifts, and challenges, so that you have the best possible chance for success. Never accept "one size fits all".
At the end of our time together, you will have already been working your robust vision/plan and be well on your way to achieving your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals. Don't worry, I'll help you every step along the way. That's what I'm here for.
This six month mentor/coaching package includes all the features and gifts associated with the Life Purpose Discovery VIP session, plus:
  • Weekly one-on-one VIP sessions
  • One Confidence pep talk/debriefing session (a $200.00 value)
  • The “Your Life on Purpose" workbook
  • FREE admission to all group online programs during the coaching term
  • All necessary templates, scripts and worksheets
In full discount $2,500.00 when paid in advance
Payment plan: $595.00 up front and $360.00 a month
Both include: Life Purpose Discovery session, 4 sessions per month/6 month term
CALL (64) 021 897 635 OR
This exclusive, private and customised 6 month VIP coaching program starts with the Life Purpose Discovery Method™ VIP session (valued at $495.00) and continues for 6 months thereafter with a detailed, specific curriculum designed to build on the foundation of your Life Purpose awareness and passions toward specific, measurable goals. The purpose of this program is to provide the resources and support you need to gain immediate traction and a practical springboard for career/job change, entrepreneurial set up and management, plus business promotion and/or expansion. And since we are organic critters, we'll be concentrating on your inner game as well as those important logistics, because that's where all important shifts begin. 
You will get unparalleled access to all my mentoring/coaching resources: my own considerable expertise honed over many years of doing what it is that I do, unrestricted access to all my training programs, my insights and wisdom, plus you'll get the benefits of the teachings of my own mentors and coaches, introductions to exclusive strategic alliances, and other considerable resources to support and nurture you along your newly invigorated, Purposeful path.
Each month’s teachings, tools and exercises are custom designed to build on and support each other to clarify your vision, create new plans, implement changes, assess results and course correct.
At the end of our time together, you will have a robust vision/plan plus measurable goals and be well on your way to achieving them.
"Molly, I've been spending all my free time yesterday and today working on my new website. It is so freeing to be able to take control of this and soooo easy as well. I am so thrilled with all the career progress I have made taking my writing aspirations into reality with your help. You are da bomb!" - Deirdre Sargent, author of several Disney guide books, now in their 10th year of publication.
In this elite 6 month VIP program you will get everything I provide in my standard 6 month coaching package, plus:
  • Three Confidence pep talk/debriefing sessions (a $750.00 value)
  • Life Purpose Discovery Journal
  • Vision Binder and free admission to all Vision Binder classes
  • A signed copy of “The Little Book of Confidence”
  • FREE admission to all online classes until the end of time
Because every Type B entrepreneur is different (boy howdy!), the curriculum and pace of this program will depend entirely on individual needs and agenda. Periodic personal assessments will be done to completely customise this VIP package as warranted to remain nimble and relevant to the client.
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Triage is expensive, no matter where you go. For example, car repair is more expensive than regular vehicle maintenance. The same is true for triage coaching, but sometimes shit happens and you need some reliable feedback and expert advice RIGHT NOW!
For heavy hitting moments that require a reliable reality check FAST, triage coaching from an experienced, no-nonsense Type B business mentor may just be your best bet. If so, then this service is absolutely justified and can be a real butt (AKA wallet, sanity, and/or reputation) saver.
You must sign up in advance to access triage coaching services. A current credit card on file is required to activate this service. Billed in 15 minute increments.
PLEASE CALL (64) 021 897 635 OR
Molly Burke, CPCC MSU, The Type B Whisperer and Queen of Confidence (64) 021 897 635


"I worked with Molly during a period when I was facing a life transition. I found her to be a powerful, intuitive, creative, vivacious, and fierce advocate as I moved forward into my life's unknown. I very much enjoyed working with Molly. She is a powerful and compassionate person." ~ Kevin Filocamo, Coach/Bodyworker 



“Molly’s completely positive 

enthusiasm is unavoidably infectious. Her encouraging voice lifts me up. Molly is an 

extraordinary woman and I feel so fortunate to have 

benefitted from her expertise.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”-Professoressa (and professional opera singer) Alexandra Alise Montani, Rome, Italy

"Molly is wonderful. Great energy. She will light a fire under you. Very inspiring and compassionate. A great role model." ~ Ken Brown, Leader at Some Like it Hot

Molly Burke, CPCC MSU, Queen of Confidence and the Type B Whisperer (64) 021 897 635

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