As an expert in your field, you know how challenging career transitions can be for those whose lives and professions have revolved around their top-notch physicality and individual prowess.  

Being a professional in any field of athletics or the arts has its perks as well as its downsides. One of the biggest downsides is the inevitably short life span of any physically demanding career. The needs of the organisation can change, injuries that affect performance or professional longevity occur, or the individual simply ages out. 


But what happens after one’s first career is over? Unfortunately, these talented professionals are often left to figure out their next crucial steps entirely on their own, usually at the exact time when they are most vulnerable. No more. 

We provide the vital link between the previous success they enjoyed and the prospect of their bright future.

Second Act Services is a strategic consultation and professional advancement service dedicated to preparing people for a graceful, empowered career change.  We provide effective, practical guidance plus time tested tools and techniques aligned with each individual’s goals, talents, skills and values, so that anyone going through a career transition can meet their new challenges with increased clarity and confidence. 


We replace any apprehension about what's next with purpose and a clear sense of direction, and give much needed motivation to those who might otherwise be left spinning their wheels and going nowhere fast.


Using time-tested assessment tools, effective career coaching, and a treasure trove of practical techniques proven to provide clarity and traction, it is possible to provide professionals at that pivotal transition point with the best advice and support available to succeed. We help them identify their most powerful next steps, create multiple viable income stream possibilities, and support them in achieving their new goals. 

As SAC’s senior consultant, I welcome the opportunity to discuss how Second Act Services can support your team members, trainers, performers and staff as they move into the next vibrant phase of their professional lives.  Contact me directly at 021 897 635 or email me at


We're here to help.


Molly Burke, CPCC MSU (64) 021 897 635