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COVID-19 changed everything.

In these extraordinary times, there are a lot more people
unexpectedly needing us to help them make the best choices.

As an expert in your field, you know how challenging career transitions can be for those whose lives have revolved around their prior professional accomplishments. It's difficult in the best of times. During a once-in-a-hundred years global pandemic, our jobs become even more important to the prosperous futures of our displaced clients. 

Through no fault of their own, many good people in hospitality, tourism, sport, the arts, and other related industries also now find themselves without adequate prospects in their chosen fields. The needs of the organisation, the individual, or sometimes even the nation can change in the blink of an eye and bring unanticipated consequences. They are chagrined to find that they need to do a quick, critical career pivot.


Unfortunately, these talented professionals are often left to figure out their next crucial steps entirely on their own, usually at a time when they feel most vulnerable. No more. We provide the vital link between the previous success they enjoyed and the prospect of their bright future.

We have the opportunity 

to make a difference in our country on a scale we have never seen before. 


Second Act Services is a strategic consultation and professional advancement service dedicated to preparing people for a graceful, empowered career change.  We provide practical guidance plus reliable tools and techniques aligned with each individual’s goals, talents, skills and values, so that anyone going through a career transition can meet their new challenges with increased clarity and confidence. 

Using time-and-field tested assessment tools, effective career counseling, small business/start-up coaching, and a treasure trove of practical techniques proven to provide clarity and traction, it is possible to provide professionals at that pivotal career transition point with the some of the best advice and support available to succeed.


We are now making our tools, processes and techniques available to coaches, career counselors, HR professionals and other human development experts interested in adding substantially to their professional tool belt. These programs accelerate results. Full training provided. 

We here at Second Act Services welcome the opportunity to discuss how our tools and training can support your team members, career counselors, trainers, performers and staff as we all move into the next vibrant phase of our professional lives. Contact Molly Burke at 021 897 635 or email:


Let's get our fellow New Zealanders back to work!