The Little Book of Confidence


Ever felt like you were off your game? Momentarily lost your mojo? Everyone could use a boost of confidence every now and again. Inside this pocket sized tome you'll find lots of Quick Fixes, Practical Tools and Attitude Adjustments that will quickly take you from cringing to confident!

PRICE: $10.00 (plus S&H)

My Friends Say Cool Stuff

This e-book is a compilation of witticisms, profundity and silliness that my friends have said on Facebook. Since they're so cool, it's only right to put them all together in one place so you can enjoy them en masse. Funny and smart, my friends will tickle your fancy and leave you laughing.


My Friends Say Cool Stuff- Volume II

More of a good thing is a good thing, right? Since they just won't stop being brilliant, here's another volume of quotes yoinked from my Facebook News Feed and featured on my fan page, Molly Burke, Queen of Confidence. I'm telling you, these folks are da bomb!


Just Sayin'-pieces of my warped mind

Sometimes I say cool stuff, too. This is a compilation of some of the musings of my mind, yoinked (as usual) from my Facebook fan page, Molly Burke, Queen of Confidence.

Your Life on Purpose- the Life Purpose Discovery Method


This comprehensive workbook details the unique, easy and effective Life Purpose Discovery Method used exclusively with my private clients. Not for separate sale.

To schedule your enlightening private Life Purpose Discovery session, click here to get started!
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"I worked with Molly during a period when I was facing a life transition. I found her to be a powerful, intuitive, creative, vivacious, and fierce advocate as I moved forward into my life's unknown. I very much enjoyed working with Molly. She is a powerful and compassionate person." ~ Kevin Filocamo, Coach/Bodyworker 



“Molly’s completely positive 

enthusiasm is unavoidably infectious. Her encouraging voice lifts me up. Molly is an 

extraordinary woman and I feel so fortunate to have 

benefitted from her expertise.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”-Professoressa (and professional opera singer) Alexandra Alise Montani, Rome, Italy

"Molly is wonderful. Great energy. She will light a fire under you. Very inspiring and compassionate. A great role model." ~ Ken Brown, Leader at Some Like it Hot

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