What IS enough, already?




Let's face it: our dominant culture is so
acquisition and expansion oriented,
you’d think we’d morphed into
Ferenghis or something.
Greed, envy, avarice and insecurity have supplanted timeless values of meaningful contribution and conservation. Thrift has become an embarrassment inflicted upon the undeserving poor, instead of the hallmark of a responsible citizen of the world. We've become a throwaway world filled with brainwashed consumers instead of a sustainable culture populated by informed citizens. We're ashamed to appear to be frugal or "settle for less", even if living a more modest, less blinged-out life is what we really resonate with.
Sadly, most of us are out of touch with what it is to truly be happy with Enough.
Ahhhhh, yes. The Big, Sacred Enough. Funny thing is, nobody really talks about enough these days. The media bombards us incessantly with messages about insecurity, envy and avarice on such a scale that we are denuding our precious planet in the service of the Almighty More. So little attention is paid to the wonderful, worthy, Big, Sacred reality of Enough. 
"Gimme, gimme, gimme more!" is lauded as the hallmark of success in mainstream modern society. More money. More toys. More prestige. More excess. And sadly, less time for family, less loving connections, less laughter, fewer vacations and LOTS more stress.
But you’re not like that. Money is not how you to choose to keep score. In fact, for most of your life you’ve had a rather adversarial relationship with money. Being in business for yourself has been either a pipe dream or a very real barrier to success. And that little slice of reality has hurt you economically and emotionally, because:


When you get right down to it,

we're ALL in business for ourselves.

Yup, every last one of us. Whether you're working for The Man or doing your own thang, you're in business for yourself. Captain of your own Ship, Master and Commander of the course of your life. The Big Kahuna. CEO of Y.O.U.. Le Grande Fromage.
So, oh Mighty One, how's your business going? Got Enough?


Enough is plenty, when you get right down to it.


When it comes right down to it, you really just want resources enough to live comfortably without worry. Ample opportunity to do what you love more, and what you don’t love, less. Enough time to spend with family and friends, enjoying your precious recreation together. Enough to put some aside. Enough to afford to travel, or learn, or give to a worthy cause.


Bottom line: you know that the Sacred Enough is the key.

But maybe at this point all you see are lack and obstacles and the bazillion seemingly good reasons why you can’t change direction and live the simpler, richer life you long for. You're working your ass off maintaining a lifestyle instead of enjoying the abundant Enough that is already in your life.
Have you got a book or three in you that want writing? Are there designs in your head clamoring to be turned into beautiful reality? Is there a creative business you’ve secretly been dreaming of starting?


Maybe you’ve already got a business making a difference
with your gifts, but you’re struggling hard to make it
sustain itself and you. Hey, it happens.


Whether it’s textile arts, metalworking, writing, gardening or any other creative endeavor about which you’re passionate, making a living at it has stymied the best of us.
When it comes to running a business based on your own creative gifts or soft skills like coaching or leadership, most creative types like you pretty much suck at and/or truly hate managing the day to day mundane stuff that needs to be done to make a business thrive.


Baby, I know because I’ve lived it. And it sucked.


It’s time to admit that doing it your own way has gotten you mostly nowhere in terms of financial savvy and experiencing deep professional satisfaction. You and money still ain’t good friends. You still struggle with doing it all, and mostly you just ignore the stuff you don’t know how to do or don’t do well or just plain don’t like to do in favour of your art. Which leaves you broker than you want to be.


What makes me think I’ve got the answers?


After spending more than a few years struggling to make ends meet, I finally got my manure together enough to seek out smart, savvy help, drawing from many sources of wisdom, and learned some important tools for changing my life. Frankly, it cost me a fortune. More importantly, I took advantage of the plentiful resources all around me. And because I did that, I now work less than 20 hours a week, own a sweet home with a half acre and an orchard, have an old sports car, and enough money to do what I want AND what I aspire to accomplish in my life. I have Enough. I tell you this not to brag (okay, maybe a little because it’s such a HUGE change from where I was) but to let you know what is possible. 
Let me save you that kind of time and money and aggravation. Please.


I know how painful it is. How expensive. How stuck.


You want out but don't know the way. You need real answers and a guide who’s been down that road with other good people just like you. Someone who gets what it is to be stuck and scared. Someone who not only found her way out, but is dragging the willing out of their own career quicksand. Someone whose character demands that she lifts as she climbs to the top of her personal and professional version of Enough. That's me.


What is up for grabs here is nothing less than
the rest of your life. Seriously.


There's a class coming up to help you clarify some working premises about the Sacred Enough for yourself, and to give you some foundation tools for moving in a more sustainable direction that doesn't feel like you're always balancing those damned plates.








You know, the plates. ---->

Okay, so I totally chose this picture

because she’s wearing a tiara.

Because, um, TIARA! ---->










 *ahem* You do know I’m talking to you personally, right?

No, this is not the one true Holy Grail of Freebies that will make you rich, thin and popular overnight while you sleep. Alas, as far as I know, that goodie does not yet exist. This online course gives you a good start on creating an abundance of Enough in your life.

At this point, I suspect that you could use a fresh take on things, and a good start at getting what you really want out of your one wild, precious life. You'd appreciate working with someone who gets how different it is to be a Type B professional in what is a predominately Type A world.
My bet is that your insides are screaming 'yes, gimme!". If they indeed are, send me your info (there's a sign up link in the column on the right or choose the big red button below) and we’ll get started.
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"I worked with Molly during a period when I was facing a life transition. I found her to be a powerful, intuitive, creative, vivacious, and fierce advocate as I moved forward into my life's unknown. I very much enjoyed working with Molly. She is a powerful and compassionate person." ~ Kevin Filocamo, Coach/Bodyworker 



“Molly’s completely positive 

enthusiasm is unavoidably infectious. Her encouraging voice lifts me up. Molly is an 

extraordinary woman and I feel so fortunate to have 

benefitted from her expertise.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”-Professoressa (and professional opera singer) Alexandra Alise Montani, Rome, Italy

"Molly is wonderful. Great energy. She will light a fire under you. Very inspiring and compassionate. A great role model." ~ Ken Brown, Leader at Some Like it Hot

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