How to tell the difference between
Type A and Type B Professionals
Which one are you?
Here are some musings about the differences I notice in my work between Type A and Type B professionals. Though everyone who works for themselves falls somewhere on a fluid Kinsey-esque scale between A and B, there are some pretty consistent telltales that set the A's and B's apart from one another. Here are a few examples for contrast. Which are you most like?

Type A professional characteristics:
Ambition, expansion, acquisition, stays busy, wants more, always striving, fond of adrenalin, works hard and plays hard, tends to like more extreme or competitive sports, builds empires. Has difficulty throttling back. Likes to be in control. High energy, laser focus. Makes plans, a more linear thinker in general. Relentless, nose to the grindstone people. Relies on data and details over cultivating human connection. Goal oriented, often to a fault. Skeptical, rational, doesn't take things on faith. Tends to be good with money and has, if not an honest love of it, an operational fear of not not having enough, or at least a strong need to manage it carefully. Uses money, social privilege, and material things to keep score. More prone to obsession.

Type B professional characteristics:
Work to live not live to work, interested in sustainability over relentless expansion, tends to enjoy endorphins over adrenalin. Passionate but not necessarily driven; motivation, energy and inspiration comes in waves that are not always in sync with the clocks/rhythms of the people around them. Tend to be either introverts or accord builders rather than empire builders. More open to signs and spiritual messages about their occupation. Much less linear thinkers than Type A's, dislike making too many restrictive plans. Not particularly ambitious. Like their freedom. Adversarial relationship with money ("necessary evil"). Likes to wing it and see where things go. More prone to depression. 
PLEASE NOTE: There is no "better than" in this comparison, except to say that some us of resonate better (more strongly) with one type than the other. 

We can learn from each other. We can learn to accept ourselves as we expand our capacity to adapt and thrive. We can learn how to use what we've got to make our lives sweeter according to our own measure. Now that is some true wealth. I'm all about the cultivation of true wealth.
It takes one to know one, that's why I provide services especially designed to support the thriving of the Type B professional. If you're a Type B professional challenged with trying to thrive in a Type A world, you sacrifice *way* too much by doing it all alone. Check out what I can do for you on my SERVICES page. Hey, it doesn't cost a thing to look, right?
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