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Some professions have a built in shelf life. Through no fault of your own, you can be forced out early by injury or other unforeseeable circumstances. Inevitably, our bodies wear out. Or, once in a hundred years, something entirely out of anyone's control comes along and throws a spanner in the works. When that time comes and you need to move on, it's good to have a solid plan for your Second Act. 

Second Act Services provides guidance and empowerment to those whose vitality remains after your First Act fades into memory. Beginning with the Life Purpose Discovery Method™, which gets you absolutely clear about what you're meant to do with your one wild and precious life, and continuing with identifying multiple potential income streams, making practical plans and implementing them, you will be supported to create and maintain sustainable success in your important Second Act. With a vast array of proven strategies and tools at your fingertips, you'll step gracefully into your next great adventure. Ongoing support ensures that you minimize floundering and maximize traction as you navigate this new territory equipped with a solid vision and a savvy team at your back.  When you're ready to move on, Second Act Services are here for you.

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Molly Burke, CPCC MSU

Molly Burke, CPCC MSU, has more than 25 years experience expertly guiding people through meaningful career changes and beyond, into the life of their dreams. Working with a potent arsenal of finely honed tools, techniques and strategies proven to yield positive results, both she and her clients have become published, won awards, and created sustainable success across a broad range of Second Act endeavors and disciplines. She works with a carefully curated network of support personnel dedicated to the ongoing success of our valued clients.

Originally from California, she lives with her New Zealander partner in the south end of Te Ika a Maui (North Island), Aotearoa New Zealand. Finding herself happily surrounded by Māori whanau, she is learning te reo. For fun, she works as a recording artist, burlesque MC and singer. She is an enthusiastic but inconsistent gardener. Molly is owned by a ginger tomcat and is the companion of a small brown dog. She loves to go on adventures and enjoys camping.