Artists are my absolute passion. From authors to painters, film and jewelry makers, workers in wood and steel, clay and textiles, from composers to performers, graphic designers to architects, whether you're backstage, offstage or right in the limelight, an online game/world maker or offline game changer, if you're creative, your path is my passion. Let's work together for your sustainable success. 

How do you measure success?

If you're a creative Type B professional or entrepreneur, you measure success rather more subjectively than Type A people do. Your fondest dreams reflect that. Spending your life as a numbers cruncher or policy wonk sounds like a living Hell to you. Repetition is anathema to you. You live to create! (well, you'd sure LIKE to)

Let's face it, the world of business is simply not set up to work optimally for you, if you're not a mainstream kind of person. THE GAME IS RIGGED in favour of Type A personalities, the ones who put in long hours at the grindstone and forego too many pleasures and creativity on the altar of getting ahead.  This makes it harder for Type B's to thrive in a standard business environment. Not impossible, but not at all natural for those whose creative fires ebb and flow. Bummer. 
Do not despair. There are many ways to be successful. It all depends on your metrics. Type B's regard success differently. Their values are different, and their goals reflect that. So what exactly makes a person a creative Type B entrepreneur or professional?
What's Type A and Type B?
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Here's the best ever quick question to tell if you're a Type A or a Type B: do you live to work, or work to live? Type A's live to work. They're relentless. Go, go, go! They measure success in dollar signs. In contrast, Type B's work to live. They're more concerned with work/life balance than with staying constantly busy or chasing money for its own sake. They measure success by different metrics.

Now this doesn't mean that Type B's are slackers , or that Type A's are better workers. Far from it. It merely highlights that Type B's operate differently from Type A's. Their priorities are fundamentally different. This is as it should be. We're not all meant to be cookie cutter copies of one another, after all.

Good news! There are lots of ways for you to pursue a purpose driven life filled with creativity and chock-a-block with satisfaction and sustainability. Tons of viable ways for you to live, thrive, and prosper as a Type B professional or entrepreneur. But hardly anyone talks about them, let alone teaches them. You've been left to figure it all out for yourself. Until now, that is.

More good news: the heavy lifting of figuring out how to create sustainable success in a Type A world has already been done for you. There now exists a bevy of practical online and face-to-face courses, workshops and private coaching solutions that compliment your delightful Type B ways. This means you finally have a serious set of advantages and resources right at your fingertips, custom tailored to meet your unique Type B needs. 

Sustainable success for the Type B professional—How does THAT happen?


Did you think that there was no such thing? Think again. It doesn't happen by accident, though.
First, let's see how things are for you now, shall we? Respond to the following statements with the answers that apply for you.
I would rather:
  • Market my business
  • Work on/update my business plan
  • Do data entry, send invoices, keep taxes up to date
  • Sand my face off than do any of these things regularly myself
  • Have time for brunch, some fun, and a nap more often
I spend my time:
  • Staying busy but not really getting much done
  • Spinning in my head about what do to next
  • Working to make someone else rich
  • On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
  • Divided equitably between what I need to do and what I love to do
I would rather:
  • Be doing what I'm doing now than anything else on earth
  • Stop working so hard and enjoy my life more
  • Spend more time doing what I love
  • Not have to deal with any of this
I like to work:
  • Seven days a week
  • 40-50 hours a week
  • 60+ hours a week
  • Only as much as I need in order to live comfortably
Money is:
  • A necessary evil
  • Something I generally avoid dealing with unless I have to
  • Inconsistent
  • Something I don’t stress about anymore
  • An empowering tool
Asking for strategic support is:
  • Easy
  • Not necessary, because I do everything so well on my own
  • Embarrassing
  • Admitting weakness
  • Something I need help with
HOW TO SCORE YOUR ANSWERS: pay attention, because this is simple.
If your answers made you happy and left you feeling content with the tone and direction of your life, then HOORAY! That’s awesome! You’re a go-getting Type A or an enlightened Type B professional who has it all figured out. Well done you. Go forth and make the world a better place.


However ---


If you're a Type B creative professional who is less than happy in your day job, a Type B entrepreneur struggling to succeed, or think you might like to go into business but doubt you could, and if your answers left you feeling less than proud of what you’ve managed to master so far, don't despair.

How do you get the strategic support every Type B professional needs without jeopardizing your precious reputation or positive impact in the world? How do you ensure your success, if you don't know what you don't know?
GOOD NEWS: There’s now an array of customised services here in New Zealand that caters exclusively to the needs of the creative Type B professional, providing safe, strategic support, relevant information, and troubleshooting calibrated to fit your unique Type B challenges. To help you succeed where you've been stymied. 
Wait. Take that in for a minute. 
Safety and strategic support from someone who really gets you and has helped many other Type B creative people like you to thrive on your own terms.  
Using my systems and support services, Type B people just like you have become successful creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, profitable artists, and published authors (so far, I've supported over a dozen books to be published). Some of them, while working for others, have taken ownership of their job trajectory and made them into satisfying careers that serve their needs and enable them to devote significant time and energy to their creative endeavours. Others have created side businesses turning their art into another income stream. All in all, they've created unique lives of great richness, sustainability and personal fulfillment. How does that sound to you?

Let’s face it, if you already knew

how to get all that for yourself, 

you’d have done it by now, right?


Seriously, if you’re a Type B professional/entrepreneur (here's how to tell if you are), and want to do more with your precious dreams and aspirations than just keep winging it and hoping for the best, this is your chance. Nobody knows how to motivate an intrinsically creative Type B like a solid, creative Type B mentor/coach who’s been happily helping talented people like you turn their dreams into reality for decades. You want clarity and need a kick in the pants to get you over this hump.
You need a seasoned expert who's heard all the clever excuses and seen all the tricks that creatively driven people use to keep themselves not so comfortably stuck (ring a bell?). Someone who you know can relate to you from a place of hard won wisdom, and has the kind of expertise you only get through extensive, ongoing study filtered through many years of professional and personal experience. An expert on the kind of challenges that Type B professionals face, dedicated to shortening your learning curve and making your work life not just bearable, but rewarding on all sorts of levels. Relentless compassion, kind and frank. Not interested in complacency, but in progress. Your progress. Your dreams. Your success. On your terms.


That’s me. Molly Burke, totally Type B Certified Professional Co-active Coach. To serve the creative Type B professionals and entrepreneurs that I adore, I've developed some powerful classes, courses, materials and mentor-coaching programs designed specifically to support your awesome Type B life. Because I get it.


Now you can get what you need to move you from where you are now to where you really want to be. Even if you're not exactly sure what that looks like, yet. 
Glad your journey has lead you here. Welcome. Let's get started.
CONTACT ME directly for answers to specific questions OR CLICK HERE for a list of service packages to peruse. There are also online courses designed exclusively for Type B's coming up, check it out on the ONLINE COURSE page.
Your best life awaits! 
Molly Burke, CPCC MSU, Queen of Confidence.
molly@mollyburke.net (64) 021 897 635

"I worked with Molly during a period when I was facing a life transition. I found her to be a powerful, intuitive, creative, vivacious, and fierce advocate as I moved forward into my life's unknown. I very much enjoyed working with Molly. She is a powerful and compassionate person." ~ Kevin Filocamo, Coach/Bodyworker 



“Molly’s completely positive 

enthusiasm is unavoidably infectious. Her encouraging voice lifts me up. Molly is an 

extraordinary woman and I feel so fortunate to have 

benefitted from her expertise.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”-Professoressa (and professional opera singer) Alexandra Alise Montani, Rome, Italy

"Molly is wonderful. Great energy. She will light a fire under you. Very inspiring and compassionate. A great role model." ~ Ken Brown, Leader at Some Like it Hot

Molly Burke, CPCC MSU, Queen of Confidence and the Type B Whisperer

molly@mollyburke.net (64) 021 897 635

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